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How to wire LSM-15

The LSM-15 is wired in the same fashion as a conventional digital switch – it requires a minimum of 3 wires to operate:
  • Black – represents the line input, 120VAC
  • White – represents the neutral
  • Blue – represents the load (switch leg)

The switch also has a green wire which serves as the ground.  While there is a yellow wire present, it is not needed and should be cut and capped with either electrical tape or a wire nut. 
In the case of a 3-way or 4-way circuit, traveler wires are not used when building an Evolve network.  Instead, an LSM-15 may be used in conjunction with an LTM-5 to create a wireless, “virtual” 3-way.  See LTM-5 for further details.
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