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Room Status Table

The Room Status section contains a listing of all rooms within the property. It provides two options for gaining access to a specific room details page:
  1. Enter the room number within the provided text field and select the room once it appears.
  2. Scroll through the room list by selecting the > icon until reaching the desired room.

There are 3 filters provided to assist in locating troubled rooms:
  1. Green Check Mark: indicates all rooms are connected and communicating properly.
  2. Red X Mark: indicates a room with an offline ROC[m] gateway. To troubleshoot, considering the following steps:
    1. If ROC[m] is physically missing from the guest room - place an order for a replacement with Evolve Controls.
    2. If ROC[m] is physically present in the guest room:
      1. If not plugged in - plug into the outlet (make sure it's not a controlled receptacle).
      2. If plugged in and powered, power cycle the ROC[m].
        1. If the ROC[m] reconnects after 5-min on the room status table, you have successfully addressed the issue.
        2. If the ROC[m] fails to reconnect on the room status table after 5-min, replace the internal SD card on the ROC[m] with an Evolve provided replacement.
    3. Yellow ! Mark: indicates the room contains 1 or more devices with either:
      1. A configuration mismatch from what our records indicate as the correct setup.
      2. Non-communicating devices with the platform.
      3. A device with low battery status.
Selecting any room number will take you to the Room Details page which contains room specific information on setup and policy violations, and allows you to take corrective action as necessary.
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