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Room Details

The Room Details page contains room specific information on setup and policy violations. In order to effect any changes on this page, the "unlock" icon must first be selected to protect against accidental room adjustments.
  • The Room Status section indicates physical occupancy status and ROC[m] connectivity status. Available lighting and climate scenes will be displayed in this section. Selecting any scenes will immediately execute a command to change the room's state accordingly.
  • The Devices section contains all devices found within the guest room:
    • Thermostats will display their current ambient room temperature, default temperature settings, and allow for adjustments to the current setpoint.
    • Lighting devices will display current status and allow for individual on/off or dimming control.
  • If applicable, a Room Health section will appear at the top of the page indicating policy violations such as:
    • Non-Communicating Devices: after unlocking the page, an option to "replace fail" or program the non-communicating device will appear, with additional instructions once the process begins.
    • Low Battery Devices: upon replacing the battery of a noted device, there are two options for clearing the low battery alert:
      • Preferred Method: wait 24 hours until the battery device reports its new battery value. A fresh battery will automatically clear the low battery flag.
      • Alternate Method: manually "acknowledge" the low battery flag on the page to clear the notification.
    • Devices with Configuration Issues: this indicates a mismatch from what our records indicate as a correct setup. Examples could include thermostat settings that were manually overridden or a variety of other issues. The platform provides an opportunity to re-sync the device's configuration settings with the settings established in our database.
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