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How to Replace a Failed Device

Before replacing an Evolve device in any guest room, please make sure you have done the following:
  • Identified that the device is in fact an Evolve Controls device.
  • Attempted to troubleshoot the device that is reporting as non-communicating or offline without success.
  • With near certainty, determined that the device is truly failed.
  • Pulled a replacement device from your existing attic stock.
    • Please note that you cannot take a device from nearby guest room for replacement without first removing it from that room's network.

Once you are ready to replace the failed device, please perform the following steps in this order while inside the guest room:
  1. Physically remove the failed device and replace it with a new one (ensure it is powered before proceeding).
  2. Log into your ROC portal on your web-enabled device.
  3. From your Property Dashboard, navigate to the guest room with the failed device.
  4. Click the "Unlock" button located in the top right corner of the Room Details page to take control of the room.
  5. Select "Replace Fail" under Room Health for the device you just physically replaced.
  6. You will be prompted to add your new device to the network by performing a physical action on the device. Each device has a unique way of being added to a network. Some devices like a switch require a double tap, while devices such as a thermostat require navigating the back menu. Please reference your specific device documentation to better understand what needs to be done to successfully provision your replacement device (ref:
  7. You will either receive a success or failed message. If failed, please select try again.
  8. If the device replacement continues to fail, please submit a support ticket by clicking here.

Do not attempt to replace more than one device simultaneously.

If the device is in warranty, do not forget to submit an RMA.
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